Department of Chemistry

                   The department of Chemistry in Government Naveen College, Pusour, Raigarh was established .Graduation level classes (B.Sc.) are being conducted in Chemistry Department. The main aim of the Chemistry department is to present the science in simplest form so as to make it interesting and attractive to the students. However to keep pace with present day demand in terms of development in teaching methods and in quality education the department is endeavoring its best to keep on upgrading infrastructural facilities and academic program.

Course Offered: UG Level – Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)   Syllabus - B.Sc.-I year   B.Sc.-II Year    B.Sc.-III Year

Course Structure:

B.Sc. First Year:    Syllabus B.Sc.-I

            Paper I: Inorganic Chemistry-I

          PaperII: Organic Chemistry-I

        Paper III: Physical Chemistry-I

B.Sc. Second Year:   Syllabus B.Sc.-II

            Paper I: Inorganic Chemistry-II

          PaperII: Organic Chemistry-II

        Paper III: Physical Chemistry-II

B.Sc. Third Year:  Syllabus B.Sc.-III

            Paper I: Inorganic Chemistry-III

          PaperII: Organic Chemistry-III

        Paper III: Physical Chemistry-III